What is dermaroller treatment? For which conditions is dermaroller treatment mostly used?

Also known as collagen induction or scar reduction therapy Dermaroller is a micro skin needling procedure that stimulates the skin to repair & regenerate resulting in a smooth, brighter younger looking skin.It is mostly used for treating acne scars, fine facial Lines and wrinkles, aged and sun damaged skin, hairloss, cellulite reduction, stretch mark removal, to improve skin tone, skin blemishes, and to tighten skin pores.

Can dermaroller treatment be combined with other aesthetic  procedures?

Dermaroller can be combined with chemical peels, subcision, nonablative and fractional lasers, Botulinum toxin and fillers to enhance the final outcome in certain indications as decided by your dermatologist.

How does it work?

Simple hand held roller is used  which has micro needles mounted on it, these needles are able to part the skin pores without damaging the skin and during this period your skin is able to absorb the creams and other topical applications more effectively, the pores close soon after in about an hour. The rationale behind this treatment is that the micro channels cause the cells to produce growth factors to induce collagen and elastin that generate new skin cells to repair themselves and the blood supply is enhanced without any damage to the skin at all. Over a week the skin gradually begins to become plumper, thicker and more youthful.


Who should not have a dermaroller treatment?

It is best to avoid this treatment in individuals having open wounds or cuts, radiation treatment in last 1year, herpes , active acne,skin infections,  pregnancy, history of keloids /hypertrophic scars, and numb areas of skin.

How to prepare for dermaroller treatment? What areas can be treated?

Before the treatment an anaesthetic cream will be applied for an hour to make the skin numb so that you it is relatively painless. There is a pricking/tickling sensation when the dermaroller is used gently but the face may be more sensitive. Almost any part of the body can be treated, excepting the eyelids since the skin is too thin.

How long does the treatment take? What do I expect to see soon after the treatment?

Depending on the size of the area to be treated it may take 1 to 3minutes.Your skin may look slightly flushed for up to 1day and it may feel like mild sunburn, warm and tight.

What post care does one require?

Use tepid water to cleanse the face for the next 2 days, pat dry the skin with a clean towel. Avoid make up for at least 1 hrs after the treatment. High SPF Sunblock is a must after treatment, do not indulge in any high impact exercise on the day after the treatment and avoid touching the treated area.

When do I expect to see the desired results?

The process of skin remodeling and repair continues for months after each treatment, the rate at which you will see the desired results will depend on what condition you are treating and how extensively your skin needs to remodel. Full result may take up to 1-2 months as collagen deposition occurs slowly. The improvement in acne scars continues even after months of the last dermaroller treatment.

How often do I need to take this treatment?

This depends on number of factors including age, area and condition of the skin being treated. Usually 3 -6 treatments are needed at 4 – 8 weeks intervals. It is recommended that at least 1treatment every month be performed to maintain the effects. For scars /stretch marks using a > 1.5mm roller the interval is 4 weeks, whereas for face rejuvenation with 0.2 -0 .5mm needles the intervals may be 2 wks.

What are the side effects of dermaroller treatment?

Micro needling has been in use for a long, long time with no serious side effects. It can be safely used in all skin types since there is no epidermal or thermal injury the risk of scarring, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation and chemical burns is less common compared to chemical peels and laser treatments. This is safe treatment with minimal side effects as redness, tightness, hot sensation, minor bleeding, slight bruise maybe possible.

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